The University System of New Hampshire is committed to innovation in public education. We work collaboratively to improve access to higher education in New Hampshire; to increase the impact that our research, teaching, and service have on the public good; and to provide an agile and connected learning environment to serve a 21st- century world. USNH created the Academic Technology Steering Committee, established the annual Academic Technology Institute, and adopted the education initiative known as Open Education in order to make the move toward the modernized higher education that our current society demands.

Academic Technology Steering Committee

The Academic Technology Steering Committee was created in 2009 and consists of representatives from each of USNH's four institutions. The goal of the committee is to explore the ways in which they can support and encourage faculty to create 21st century classrooms that incorporate technology and rich media. 

Committee Members

Academic Technology Institute (ATI)

The Academic Technology Institute (ATI), established in 2011, brings faculty together to explore the pedagogy, tools and new thinking around using technology for teaching and learning. Each year 10 or more faculty from diverse disciplines participate in this four day event.

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Open Education

Open Education” can be understood as a three-pronged approach to the creation and sharing of knowledge. It involves the use and development of free, openly-licensed educational materials in courses; the centering of pedagogy focused on learners as contributors to— not consumers of— knowledge; and the commitment to broad sharing of research through open access.

What is Open Education?

ATI 2018

ATI 2018: USNH Open Education: Pedagogy, Technology, and Advocacy

January 2018 Event

USNH January Event: Open Education: Be the Change

Thanks to the attendance and participation of USNH faculty from all over New Hampshire, the event on Friday, January 19th, 2018 was a success. Attendees were able to engage in rich dialogue, collaboration, and action-planning regarding USNH Open Education.

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