2017 Year of Open

2017 Year of Open

February 6, 2017

OpenEd Consortium Year of Open

On January 17th, the Open Education Consortium (OEC) announced that 2017 is to be the Year of Open!   This world-wide movement recognizes several significant milestones including: 

To learn more about the 2017 Year of Open, visit: https://www.yearofopen.org and to learn more about the Open Education Consortium, visit: http://www.oeconsortium.org.   Open Education Week will be celebrated March 27-31st.  Call for participation is open until February 28, 2017.

And speaking of the Open Education Consortium,  all four USNH institutions are now members of the consortium showing our commitment and support of open education on our campuses. 

So what is happening here in NH?  

The USNH Academic Technology Steering Committee (ATSC) launched its Open Education Initiative in 2016 in conjunction with its Academic Technology Institute.  More than 40 faculty from GSC, KSC, PSU and UNH came together last spring to learn more about Open Education (if this is new to you, start with this video.)  As part of this initiative, the faculty, aka Open Ed Ambassadors, also developed an open education project for one of more of their courses which will be completed during the 2016-17 academic year.   A study is being done on the results of these projects and the impact on the learning and will be posted later this year.  ATI 2017 will be taking place at Plymouth State University May 31-June 2 and recruitment will begin soon.  

In the meanwhile, events are happening at all four instititions to raise awareness around OER (open educational resources), open pedagogy and open access.   In January, the 2016 Open Ed Ambassadors reunited in Concord to report out on their progress and to discuss successes and challenges.  MaryLou Forward, Executive Director of Open Education Consortium gave the keynote:   Open Educational Strategies for Change, Moving Beyond OER  (Presentation & Notes on SlideShare).

To learn more about what is happening on your campus, visit the Open Education Initiative pages on this site or reach out to the Academic Technology Director on your campus.  You can also follow the hashtag #usnhshare on Twitter.

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