Academic Technology Steering Committee

The University System of New Hampshire’s (USNH) Academic Technology Steering Committee (ATSC) was created in 2009 to create a sustainable support system to support and encourage faculty in using technology and integrating rich media resources into their courses to enhance the teaching and learning. Rich media is defined broadly as web-based interactive media which engages the user.

This committee is a collaboration of the Academic Affairs and Academic Technology units at each of the four USNH colleges/universities: Granite State College, Keene State College, Plymouth State University and the University of New Hampshire. The members include faculty and the Academic Technology Directors from all of the institutions. The USNH Academic Technology Steering Committee meets monthly to explore ways in which the University System of NH can further support faculty in their use of technology and the activities of this committee are funded through the Long Range Technology Plan.

Through the efforts of the ATSC, the following programs & platforms were adopted on all of the campuses:

Kaltura,  a streaming media platform:  Kaltura is like a private YouTube which provides a place for faculty and students to upload their video & audio files to be used in their courses.  It can be integrated with most learning management systems.

Zoom, a web-conferencing tool:  Zoom allows faculty and students to meet synchronously via the web using audio, video, presentation whiteboard and many other features to enhance the learning environment.  It also allows for session recording for those who are not able to attend the live session. This tool can also be integrated into most learning management systems.

Qualtrics is an online research and survey suite of tools. Qualtric allows faculty and staff to build their own surveys for research and evaluation.