ATI 2014 Overview


The theme for this year’s ATI is:  Tools you can use: Teaching and Learning with Technology

This year’s program includes the same variety and interaction that has made the ATI successful in the past.  We have built in ample time for you to work on your own instructional challenge and meet with staff from your institution to highlight the support and resources available to you.  You will also have time to meet and share your ideas with faculty in and outside your discipline from all of the USNH institutions.

We are pleased and excited to have Dr. Cable Green from Creative Commons join us this year will discuss specific examples where institutions (and states and nations for that matter) have built effective business cases for OER (open educational resources).  As you probably already know, educators and students benefit greatly from the increasingly higher quality resources readily available on the web.

Also included in this event are several formal and less formal opportunities to share a meal and ideas…as this is where many great ideas begin!

You will see the sessions descriptions for each day which will serve as your guide while you are here.  We look forward to learning, sharing and reflecting upon how you will meet your instructional challenge.