ATI Goals

Prior to Arriving at the Academic Technology Institute (ATI) faculty will…

  • Prepare an instructional challenge that they would like to solve using technology

During the ATI faculty will…

  • —Discuss challenges and trends with colleagues from USNH institutions
  • Explore academic technology resources available at their institutions and on the Web
  • —Learn different strategies for improving a course using rich media
  • Learn how to convert a face-to-face course into a hybrid or online format
  • Evaluate a variety of approaches to address an instructional challenge using a technological solution
  • —Identify and present a solution to an instructional challenge using technology

After the ATI faculty will…

  • —Apply what they’ve learned to one or more courses
  • Share learning with other faculty on their campus in both formal (presentations) and informal ways (department meetings, discussions, etc.)
  • —Share their thoughts/reflections/challenges/results on the ATI web site during and/or after ATI as well as in the mid-year follow-up survey.