CCSNH OE Ambassador Projects 2019

CCSNH OE Ambassadors 2019CCSNH 2019-20 ATI Ambassadors

Pictured left to right are: Julie Robinson, Gavitt Kerkel, Jennifer Tripp, Alisa Kadenic-Newman, Rita MacAuslan; Not pictured: Emile Anderson, Tom Dunn




Open Education Project Descriptions

NHTI Math Department Team:
Emile Anderson - Adjunct Professor of Math/Physics/Industrial Engineering at NHTI Concord Community College
Gavitt Kerkel - Community College System of New Hampshire 
Alisa Kadenic-Newman (Director of Academic Technology, Community College System of New Hampshire) 

MATH Department team CCSNH (NHTI) will pilot an OER MATH resource on the existing CCSNH CANVAS platform as a Wikipedia - leveraging OER (CC license) content from existing instructional courses and Canvas Commons. This will include appropriate content development and governance tools. Additionally, CANVAS based collaboration platforms will be exploited to support a pilot for Virtual MATH tutoring and Wikipedia content development with integration into instructional (LMS) support models. Finally, assessments (whitepapers) for adaptive business models for Virtual tutor integration into Enterprise SMARTTHINK and staff Community of Practice protocols will be developed in draft for Department consideration including potential extension to co-requisite support leveraging the OER platforms/content.

Thomas G. Dunn

Tom Dunn, Adjunct Professor of Liberal Arts: Theatre, Film, Composition, Ethics at Manchester Community College is assembling an interactive Intro to Film textbook that will allow students to combine a general overview of the History of Film with specific areas of interest including: technology, criticism, script writing, direction, producing and acting.

Julie Robinson

The goal of this project is to create repositories (metacourses) of OER course materials for Anatomy & Physiology 1 and 2 to reduce the cost of student materials from hundreds of dollars to low-cost or no cost.  The course concepts seem to have changed very little over the last two decades on the undergraduate level, and there are an abundance of resources available.  Some instructors are already using OER resources, but have not labeled them as such.  The biggest challenge for instructors is finding the time to locate and evaluate the resources, which is what this project intends to do.  Although the project is lead by me, I have sought and continue to seek contributors, particularly in the sourcing/writing of labs suitable for college level A&P.  These courses are standard requirements for students entering allied health fields (such as nursing or occupational therapy assistant) and graduate programs in health care (such as doctorate of physical therapy, medical school, and physician assistant programs); as such, movement to OER resources could have a sizable impact.  In addition to creating the metacourses, the project also seeks to spread the knowledge that OER resources are of equal or better quality as traditional publisher resources.

Jennifer Tripp

Last year, Jennifer Tripp was awarded a grant to develop an OER for ENGL101N: College Composition at NCC. As of Fall 2019, all 500+ ENGL101 students at NCC are using free no cost OER materials. The most important factor leading to the success of the ENGL101 OER is the ENGL101 meta-course—a collaborative endeavor of the English Program that uses a Canvas site to house assignments, rubrics, exemplary essays and best practices of instructors. Due to the success of the ENGL101 meta-course, Jennifer will create one for ENGL109N: Public Speaking. This year, she plans to build the ENGL109N: Public Speaking meta-course with assignments and best practices from current instructors, as well as research existing OERs to supplement the meta-course and replace the traditional textbook currently in use. One of Jennifer’s goals is to find one well put together Public Speaking OER textbook to use rather than curating her own, which was last year’s very rewarding but time consuming project with ENGL101.