ATI 2018

May 30, 2018 to May 31, 2018

ATI 2018: USNH Open Education: Pedagogy, Technology, and Advocacy

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The 8th Annual USNH Academic Technology Institute (ATI) was held at the University of New Hampshire – Durham, May 30-31, 2018.  The theme of the Institute was USNH Open Education: Pedagogy, Technology, and Advocacy. Faculty who were selected to attend engaged in foundational and elective workshops infusing Open Educational Resources (OER), Open Pedagogy/Open Educational Practices, and Open Access Publishing with pedagogy techniques and technology tools. Sessions also focused on advocacy approaches to advance awareness and adoption of Open Education within USNH and beyond.

Attendees were given opportunities to learn more about Open Education; hear authentic student stories and experiences with Open Education; plan goals/ milestones for their Open Education projects; work with institutional, cross-institutional, and project-based groups; network and make connections with colleagues in formal and informal sessions; explore various technology tools and pedagogical strategies; learn about past ambassadors' projects; and determine individual and institutional advocacy actions for the coming academic year.

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