January 2019 Event

January 18, 2019

ATI January 2019 Event - Friday, Jan. 18
Open Education & Student Agency: Empowering the Student Voice & Facilitating Access

The ATI January 2019 event took place on Friday, January 18, 2019 from 9:30am-4:00pm at UNH at Manchester. This event was for past ATI Open Ed Ambassadors, and invited faculty and staff with an interest in open education. Breakout sessions, faculty panels, and student panels took place throughout the day. 

Participants had the opportunity to

  • Share Open Education projects , experiences, successes, and challenges
  • Ask questions about Open Education
  • Network with faculty and staff from all four institutions across USNH
  • Learn about new tools, technologies, and strategies used in Open Education
  • Hear student feedback about their experiences with Open Education and how it has positively affected their learning experiences

Jess Mitchell

Photo courtesy of Kaveh Nia

Jess Mitchell, Keynote Speaker

Jess Mitchell, senior manager of research and design at the Inclusive Design Research Centre, The Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCAD U), Toronto, Canada, will be the guest speaker. She manages large-scale international projects and initiatives focusing on fostering innovation within diverse communities while achieving outcomes that benefit everyone. Jess is a community leader who works in a highly collaborative, open, and iterative manner borrowing methods from complex project management, agile, participatory, and inclusive design. Jess has worked on complex distributed projects, bridging gaps among diverse stakeholders and fostering innovation.

Those projects have ranged from building the Ghana Internet Exchange Point in West Africa, teaching a “startup” course for 4th year students at Duke University, facilitating workshops with government, industry, and non-profit partners, and working to make the Internet accessible and inclusive to all.With a background in Ethics, Jess delivers a unique perspective on messy and complex contexts that helps organizations and individuals navigate a productive way forward. 

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