ATI 2018 Ambassadors

  • Rebecca Grant

    Rebecca Grant has taught for ten years as a Teaching Lecturer for the English Department at Plymouth State University. Her teaching includes both online and face-to-face courses, and her specialization is in first-year writing. She has served as editor for the PSU publication, Comp Journal, since 2012.  Read More
  • Ben Amsden

    Ben Amsden (Associate Professor, Social Science/TESD) is a rural sociologist trained in the human dimensions of tourism and recreation, agriculture and food systems, historic preservation, and natural resource management. His work at PSU’s Center for Business and Community Partnerships has focused on community and industry engagement, intellectual asset management and technology transfer, program administration and evaluation, and strategic planning. Read More
  • Chris Benedetti photo

    Christopher Benedetti

    Christopher Benedetti is Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership, Learning, and Curriculum at Plymouth State University. He has worked in higher education for over 10 years as instructor, course designer, and program coordinator in both onsite and online settings. Dr. Benedetti earned a Ph.D in Leadership and Education from Barry University. His research interests include leader and group psychology, organizational systems, leader preparation and development, and innovative research methodologies. Dr. Read More
  • Hannah Davidson photo

    Hannah Davidson

    Hannah came to Plymouth State in 2008 to pursue a Master’s degree. She began teaching with the English department while she completed her graduate studies, and remains a teaching lecturer to this day. After graduate school, Hannah taught for two years at a therapeutic school for students with a variety of learning differences, where she discovered she wanted to blend her interests in higher education and accessibility. Hannah became the Campus Accessibility Services assistant at PSU in 2016. Read More
  • Donna Driscoll photo

    Donna Driscoll

    Twitter: @DonnaDr0170
    Dr. Driscoll received her associate degree in 1996 from the Community College System of NH; she obtained a baccalaureate degree in 2007 and a Masters of Science in Nursing Education (MSN) degree in 2010 from Saint Joseph's College of Nursing in Maine. She received her Doctorate of Nursing Practice Degree (DNP) from Chamberlain College of Nursing in 2016. Her research focused on the new graduate RN and simulation training to assist with clinical reasoning and the nurse’s response to patient clinical emergencies. Read More
  • Wilson Garcia

    Wilson Garcia is a professor of Spanish at Plymouth State University where he earned his Ed.D. in Learning, Leadership, and Community. He regularly teaches both face-to-face and online courses. One of his professional interests has been second language learning and technology. This has motivated him to complete the graduate certificate in Online Instructional Design at PSU. He has also taken several technology trainings, including a summer institute of teaching languages online at the University of Minnesota. Read More
  • Pam Harland

    Twitter: @pamlibrarian
    My professional career has included working as a school librarian, technology integrator, public librarian, academic librarian, and as a research librarian at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. I am currently the Program Coordinator for the Library Media and Ed Tech Integrator programs at PSU. I'm a columnist for School Library Connection, a doctoral student in the Ed Leadership Department at PSU, and I serve on the Board of Directors at the American Association of School Librarians. Read More
  • Rachelle Lyons photo

    Rachelle Lyons

    Rachelle has a background in education and environmental science. She conducts research relating to food system sustainability, natural resource stewardship and rural community development at the Center for Business and Community Partnerships and teaches in the Environmental Science & Policy department at Plymouth State University. Rachelle’s projects focus on the challenge of cultivating community scale change in complex systems. Her research responds to community identified needs and provides applied learning opportunities for first year to graduate students. Read More
  • Sarah Parrish photo

    Sarah Parrish

    Dr. Sarah Parrish, Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator of Art History at Plymouth State University, teaches all areas of art history and museum studies. She strives to empower students with close looking, visual analysis, and communication skills that can be deployed in a range of interdisciplinary contexts. Because technology conditions the production and reception of imagery in contemporary visual culture, digital literacy is essential for students of art history. As an OER Ambassador, Dr. Read More
  • Mary Banach

    Mary is an Associate Professor in the Department of Social Work, CHHS. Mary began teaching after practicing as a social worker in NYC for many years. She teaches undergraduate and graduate students primarily in social work practice courses, as well as social work supervision. Her past research interests include examining the effectiveness of group work for parents of children with disabilities and decision making in child welfare. The current focus of her research involves exploring successful teaching strategies to help students learn and confidently master social work practice skills. Read More
  • Cristy Beemer

    Dr. Cristy Beemer is an Associate Professor of English, Coordinator of the Professional and Technical Writing Program, and incoming Director of Composition at the University of New Hampshire.  Dr. Beemer’s research focuses on feminist rhetoric in classical, early modern, and contemporary contexts. She has published articles in Peitho, Rhetoric Review, and Teaching English at a Two-Year College, among others. Dr. Beemer is currently working on her book project, From the Margins of Healthcare: Breast Cancer and the Rhetoric of the Online Peer-to-Peer Healthcare Community. Read More
  • Holly Cashman

    Holly is an Associate Professor in the Department of Languages, Literatures, & Cultures at the University of New Hampshire. A sociolinguist, she researches language, gender, and sexuality, particularly related to Spanish/English bilingualism and Latinxs in the U.S. Since coming to UNH in 2008, Holly has taught at all levels of the Spanish program. Read More
  • Drew Conroy

    Professor Conroy has been teaching people how to handle and work with farm animals for 30 years at the college level. Broadly trained in agriculture, he teaches 7 different Animal Science courses at the University of New Hampshire, with CREAM being his most well-known course. See: A two-time Fulbright Scholar, his teaching and research has taken him to Namibia, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. Read More
  • Devkamal (Dev) Dutta

    Devkamal (Dev) Dutta is an Associate Professor of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship in the Management Department at the University of New Hampshire. His research and teaching focus at the intersection of entrepreneurship and innovation, especially the way these concepts apply at the firm and ecosystem levels. Dev has over twenty-five research publications in his field in peer-reviewed journals as well as books and research monographs. Read More
  • Kristen C. Johnson

    I am an Assistant Professor of Biotechnology in Manchester. My passion in education is fostering students’ problem solving and critical thinking skills. As such, I incorporate many opportunities for this throughout my lecture and lab classes and in the mentoring of students in my laboratory research on pancreatic cancer. CUREs are a mainstay of the laboratory experiences in my courses, and I incorporate a significant amount of primary literature reading in my lecture classes. Read More
  • Pamela Kallmerten

    Pamela Kallmerten has been a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Nursing since 2012. She has been a registered nurse for over 35 years and a nurse educator for over 20 years. Pam completed her Doctorate of Nursing Practice at UNH in 2016 and is currently a PhD student at Duquesne University. Her research interests include the use of academic technology as well as health information technology to optimize health care delivery and improve patient care. Read More
  • Kyle MacLea

    Kyle MacLea is an Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of New Hampshire at Manchester. As a teacher, his primary areas of interest include microbiology and molecular biology, with a focus on laboratory instruction and course-based undergraduate research. Read More
  • Matthew Magnusson

    Matthew Magnusson is a Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science, CEPS. Matthew currently teaches course work in software development fundamentals, computer architecture, and business process automation. Mathew is interested in OER as an alternative to textbooks for teaching software programming fundamentals. He hopes OER will help provide quality content to benefit student learning while reducing overall cost to students. Matthew holds a Masters of Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology and a Masters of Business Administration from the Peter T. Paul School at UNH. Read More
  • Ivaylo (Ivo) Nedyalkov

    Twitter: @IEvo_N
    Ivaylo Nedyalkov (Ivo) received his BS in Industrial Engineering from the Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria, his MS in Applied Mechanics from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, and his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from UNH. Since his graduation in 2015 he has been a lecturer in the Mechanical Engineering Department. Ivo's teaching and research interests are in the field of thermo-fluid sciences, including computational fluid dynamics (CFD). He has experience in using an open source software for CFD (OpenFOAM) and has been developing educational materials for the software. Read More
  • Melinda Negrón-Gonzales

    Melinda Negrón-Gonzales is Associate Professor of political science and Program Coordinator of the Politics and Society Program in Manchester. She has taught at UNH since fall 2008 and teaches courses on international relations and comparative politics. Negrón-Gonzales's research interests span the following areas: international affairs, Turkish Studies, humanitarian intervention/responsibility to protect, social movements and democratization. She is currently working on research concerning counter-terrorism policy and democratization in Turkey. Read More
  • Anissa Poleatewich

    Anissa Poleatewich is an Assistant Professor of Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Interactions with teaching interests in plant pathology and pest management. Her research focuses on the use of host resistance and biological control to manage plant diseases and the role microbes play in plant health. Since her arrival to UNH in 2017, Anissa has taught “Mushrooms, Molds and Mildews” and “Plant-Microbe Interactions”. Anissa received her Ph.D. and MS in Plant Pathology from Penn State University. Read More
  • Laurie R. Shaffer

    Laurie R. Shaffer is a lecturer in the American Sign Language-English Interpreting program. She holds a BA from Hamilton College with a major in Fine Arts, a MS from Syracuse University in Education of Deaf Children and is currently a doctoral candidate at Gallaudet University. Her research in American Sign Language-English Interpreting is based on Smith’s Institutional Ethnography and examines interpreters in the healthcare context. Laurie has been an active practitioner of interpreting for 27 years as well an educator. She joined the UNH-M faculty in January 2017. Read More
  • Stephan Shipe

    Stephan Shipe is an Assistant Professor of Finance at the University of New Hampshire. He received his Ph.D. in Finance from Florida State University in 2016 with a focus on corporate finance. His research interests include agency conflicts, cash holdings, corporate governance, and compensation. He currently teaches the undergraduate Introduction to Financial Management course as well as a Big Data in Finance course at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Read More
  • Kelsey Sobel

    Twitter: @Kelsey_Sobel
    Kelsey Sobel is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Social Work and is the Field Coordinator for the Online MSW program at UNH. Her interests include medical Social Work as well as positive use of technology. Prior to teaching at UNH, Kelsey was the Research Coordinator for the Measuring Youth Media Exposure Study at the Center on Media and Child Health at Boston Children’s Hospital. The purpose of this research was to determine the effects of media on the health of today's youth. Kelsey currently teaches several courses without a textbook. Read More
  • Melinda M. White

    Melinda M. White is a Lecturer in English at the University of New Hampshire, where she teaches composition and digital creative writing. She is a graduate of the interdisciplinary Media, Art, and Text PhD program at Virginia Commonwealth University and integrates visuals and media into much of her teaching. Her research interests include postmodern and electronic literature, installation art, virtual reality, technology as a means of creative expression, and ever-changing reader/author relationships. Read More
  • Jan Hodges Coville

    Twitter: @CovilleJan
    Jan Hodges Coville serves as the Director of Career Services, Career Counselor and faculty member at Granite State College. Jan is a certified Career Counselor (CCC) through the National Career Development Association and a Global Career Development Facilitator through the Center for Educational Credentialing.  She holds a B.A. from Burlington College in Burlington, VT and an MS in Human Services/Counseling from New England College in Henniker, NH. Read More
  • Jennifer R. Mroczko

    Twitter: @jennifermgsc
    Dr. Jennifer R. Mroczko earned an EdD in Leadership, Learning, and Community from Plymouth State University.  She holds an MS in Information Systems Technology from the George Washington University and a BS in Business Administration/Management Information Systems from the University at Albany, State University of New York.  She also completed the New Hampshire Certified Public Manager Program. Read More
  • Kate Shumway-Pitt

    Kate Shumway-Pitt is the Field Placement Coordinator for the School of Education at Granite State College.  Graduating with a BA in Political Science and Spanish from Holy Cross College, Kate went on to receive her teaching certification through the Upper Valley Teacher Training Program in 1992.  Kate joined GSC in 2015 after 15 years of teaching at the elementary and middle school levels. Having presented at national and regional educational conferences, Kate now works with aspiring teachers earning certifications in areas of critical shortage in New Hampshire. Read More
  • Tammy Carnevale

    I have been working with GSC since 2008 as a district mentor and then moved into the instructor role. I am now the Granite State College - School of Education Advisor and Student Support Coordinator, a Field Placement Faculty, and teach three courses for the School of Education. Read More
  • Deborah Kolling

    Deborah Kolling serves as Lead Field Placement Faculty for Granite State College’s School of Education.  She earned her Bachelor’s Degree at Edinboro State University in Pennsylvania and her Master’s Degree in Special Education at Providence College in Rhode Island.  She taught public school for 33 years and worked as a consultant for educational collaboratives in both Rhode Island and New Hampshire. Read More
  • Krista Olsen

    Krista Olsen, Director for the M.S. in Management, Graduate Studies at Granite State College has taught at the college level for more than seven years. She has extensive experience in corporate marketing communications and training management. Olsen is a doctoral candidate in organizational leadership at the University of the Rockies, currently completing her dissertation to earn her Psy.D. She holds a master’s degree in management from Emmanuel College and a bachelor’s degree in communications from Trinity Washington University. Read More
  • Tracy Smith

    Tracy has worked in higher education for the past 18 years. Tracy began her career in education as an administrative assistant in the Registrar’s office at Hesser College advancing to Interim Registrar prior to its closure. Tracy has been with Granite State College’s School of Education since 2016 as an administrative assistant, and most recently, a faculty member. Read More
  • Jeffrey Timmer

    Twitter: @jtimmerksc
    Jeffrey Timmer is an Associate Professor in Human Performance and Movement Sciences at Keene State College. He has been at  KSC for 17 years.  "I grew up in Michigan but my wife originates from Massachusetts, so it has been a blessing to work in the New England area at Keene State College. I have three children ages 10,13,and 16 which makes for a very busy life.  I played three sports at Calvin College, and I am an avid sports fan, and travel all around New England to watch my kids play sports. Read More
  • Tammy Warner

    As an Assistant Professor in the Management Department at Keene State, I teach courses in Accounting and Finance. I’ve moved between the business world and academia for the past 20+ years, with roles in corporate America and small business consulting. My Ph.D. is in Environmental Economics, and I’ve done research on the management of  marine conservation organizations in developing countries. I look forward to learning about and implementing helpful educational technologies as I re-enter the academic world after 6 years away. Read More
  • Irene

    Irene McGarrity

      Irene McGarrity is an Assistant Professor in the Mason Library. She received her MA in English literature from SUNY New Paltz in 2006. She went on to study information science at UAlbany, and graduated with an MSIS in 2009. She began her tenure track position at Keene State in December 2013, and completed an MFA in creative writing through the New Hampshire Institute of Art in 2016.  Read More
  • Denise Burchsted

    Denise Burchsted is an assistant professor of environmental studies at Keene State College. Denise is a scientist and professional engineer who specializes in field studies of rivers and wetlands. She applies her research to setting targets for restoration of rivers and wetlands that have been damaged by human actions. As a teacher, Professor Burchsted brings applied projects into the classroom and frequently takes her students into the field to directly study environmental problems and recommend solutions. Read More
  • Chris Parsons

    Twitter: @cmparson1
    Chris Parsons is an Assistant Professor of English and the Coordinator of Secondary English Education at Keene State. He teaches courses on the methods of teaching English in secondary schools, descriptive grammar, and field instruction for teacher candidates. He earned his Ph.D in 2017 from the Joint Program in English and Education at the University of Michigan. His dissertation research focuses on the circulation of ideologies about gender and literacy in secondary English classrooms, especially as they relate to crisis rhetoric about young men and literacy. Read More
  • Delene Case White

    Twitter: @DeleneWhite
    Delene Case White is a lecturer of German language, literature, and culture at Keene State College. She holds a Ph.D.  in German Studies from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Her research has focused East German films representing children in the Holocaust and memory work by Jewish survivors and political prisoners. She has taught courses at multiple universities,  not only in German language and culture, but also on English grammar, a writing course about international fairy tales and folklore, and film history. Read More
  • Mark Long

    Mark C. Long is a professor of English at Keene State College where he teaches courses in American literary and cultural studies, poetry and poetics, the environmental humanities, writing and the teaching of writing, and literary criticism and theory. A former chair of the department of English, coordinator of American Studies, and coordinator of first-year writing, Mark is currently the director of the Integrative Studies Program. Mark's most recent publication is Approaches to Teaching the Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson. Read More
  • Armağan Gezici

    Armağan Gezici, is an associate professor and chair of economics at the Keene State College. She regularly teaches introductory economics classes, Financial Economics, Game Theory and International Trade and Finance. She has an MSc in Science & Technology Policy Studies from the Middle East Technical University in Turkey and a PhD in Economics from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Her current research project focuses on the profitability of the US non-financial corporations. Read More
  • Dudley Blossom

    Dudley Blossom, PhD is an Assistant Professor in the Management Department at Keene State College.  The recipient of an MBA in Entrepreneurship and a PhD in Marketing, Dr. Blossom’s career has been focused on educational and entrepreneurial interests. He has a passion for launching new initiatives and working with start-up, small and medium sized organizations seeking new opportunities and ways to capitalize on them.  Dr. Read More
  • Nancy J. Eckert

    Twitter: @NantsyEckert
    Nancy J. Eckert, MS Clinical Chemistry, BS MT (ASCP) Professor of Biological Sciences, Lakes Region Community College Program Coordinator of Science Department Read More