ATI 2019 Ambassadors

  • Angela Barlow photo

    Angela Barlow

    Dr. Barlow received a Ph.D. in Sociology with an emphasis in Criminology and Gender Studies from Virginia Tech in 2013. Her teaching and research revolves, generally, around topics within criminology, gender, race, deviance, and culture. Current Courses: Criminology; Women and Crime; Research Methods; Sociology of Deviance; Social Problems; Race, Crime, and the Media Read More
  • Julie Bernier

    Dr. Julie Bernier is professor of athletic training and previously served as the Program Director of athletic training, and Chair of the Department of the Health and Human Performance. As a teacher, her areas of expertise include kinesiology/biomechanics, injury assessment, therapeutic modalities and research design.  Her scholarship focuses on functional ankle instability, proprioception and neuromuscular control. Read More
  • Denise Burchsted

    Denise Burchsted is an assistant professor of environmental studies at Keene State College. Denise is a scientist and professional engineer who specializes in field studies of rivers and wetlands. She applies her research to setting targets for restoration of rivers and wetlands that have been damaged by human actions. As a teacher, Professor Burchsted brings applied projects into the classroom and frequently takes her students into the field to directly study environmental problems and recommend solutions. Read More
  • Rosemary Caron photo

    Rosemary Caron

    Rosemary holds a doctorate in Pharmacology and Toxicology from Dartmouth College; an MPH from Boston University School of Public Health; and a BA in Chemistry from Regis College.  She is currently a Professor and has held the positions of Chairperson, Director of the MPH Program, and Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Health Management and Policy, College of Health and Human Services at UNH.  She is also core faculty in the UNH Master’s Program in Community Development, Policy and Practice, and the New Hampshire Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LE Read More
  • Maryann Clark Photo

    Maryann Clark

    Maryann Clark is a lecturer in the Decision Sciences department at the University of New Hampshire. She came to UNH following a career in the data communications industry where she gained experience in computer network design, instructional design, product marketing and product management. Mrs. Clark’s work for several technology companies led to her specialization in technical product marketing for emerging data communication platforms. She currently teaches undergraduate courses on Management Information Systems and Business Applications Development. Read More
  • Sue Cooke Photo

    Sue Cooke

     I earned a B.S. in Marine & Freshwater Biology from UNH and an M.A. in Marine Ecology from the Boston University Marine Program. I then returned to UNH for my doctorate in Zoology. After teaching at many institutions in New England, I joined the faculty at UNH Manchester, first as an adjunct and now as a Lecturer. I have always tried to integrate current and freely accessible resources into my courses to keep the costs low for students. Read More
  • Fitni Destani

    Fitni Destani

    Fitni Destani is an associate professor in Human Performance and Movement Sciences at Keene State College. Degrees and Credentials: BA Psychology, University of California at Santa Barbara; MA Sports Science, San Francisco State University; PhD Psycho-Social Aspects of Sport, The University of Utah Read More
  • Becky Dunn photo

    Becky Dunn

    Becky Dunn is a professor in Public Health at Keene State College.  Read More
  • Majid Ghayoomi photo

    Majid Ghayoomi

     Majid Ghayoomi is an Associate Professor in UNH Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Dr. Ghayoomi obtained his PhD in Civil Engineering in 2011 from the University of Colorado, Boulder. His research involves geotechnical and earthquake engineering with a focus on seismic response of unsaturated soils and soil-structure interaction. Read More
  • Tom Higginbotham photo

    Tom Higginbotham

     Tom Higginbotham is the Director of Science Education for the Teacher Residency for Rural Education (TRRE), and teaches Science Methods and Educational Technology classes in the UNH Education Department. His work includes demystifying STEM fields for teachers, and making “school science and engineering” more like the real thing by having students answer questions and solve problems of genuine interest to them.  Read More
  • Whitney Howarth

    Whitney Howarth, Associate Professor of History, now in the Department of History & Philosophy, specializing in modern world history and the history of India, joined the Social Science faculty in fall 2004.  She received her B.A. in history at Moravian College, Pennsylvania in 1995, and her M.A. (1998) and Ph.D. (2004) in World History from Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts. Read More
  • Katerina Karaivanova photo

    Katerina Karaivanova

    Kat Karaivanova is a Lecturer in the Department of Psychology at the University of New Hampshire teaching undergraduate courses in child development, statistics and research methods. She holds a BA in Psychology from Kenyon College, a MA in Psychology, a MST in College Teaching, and a PhD in Psychology from the University of New Hampshire. Her research is focused on college student development, student retention and success. In all of her classes, Kat strives to incorporate accessible resources that promote student learning and success. Read More
  • Hyun Joong Kim photo

    Hyun Joong Kim

    Dr. Hyun Joong Kim, Assistant Professor of Geography at Plymouth State University, teaches Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing (RS), Digital Cartography, and GIS Programming. His research interests are in spatial analysis and modeling with spatial statistics. Dr. Kim's research works include a broad range of collaborated research projects with researchers from other disciplines, such as environment, urban planning, justice studies, economics, biology, sociology, and public health.  Read More
  • Gonghu Li Photo

    Gonghu Li

     Gonghu Li is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry, with a joint appointment in the Materials Science Program at UNH.  His current research involves innovative catalytic materials for use in solar energy conversion.  Since joining UNH in 2009, he has taught undergraduate lecture and laboratory courses in physical chemistry, and has development a graduate-level course in surface chemistry. Beyond teaching and research, Gonghu reaches out to the community by organizing STEM workshops for K-12 students and science teachers. Read More
  • Phil Lonergan photo

    Phil Lonergan

    Twitter: @bigsculpture
    Phil Lonergan is a Professor of Art and the director of the Sculpture program at Plymouth State University. He received an MFA from SUNY-Albany, and a BA in Psychology from St. Thomas College in Minnesota. Phil spent two years as a boat builder in Sweden, several years as a furniture builder in New England, and a year in Australia mining opals before getting his graduate degree in Sculpture. Recently, Phil has shown his work at the Linus Gallery and LH Horton Jr. Read More
  • Alynna Lyon photo

    Alynna Lyon

    Alynna J. Lyon is a Professor of Political Science at the University of New Hampshire. She is author of US Politics and the United Nations (Lynne Rienner, 2016), co-author of The United Nations in the 21 Century 5th ed. Read More
  • Michael Mangan Photo

    Michael Mangan

    Currently, Michael Mangan a Principal Lecturer in the department of psychology at University of New Hampshire, Durham. His advanced degrees include a Ph.D. in Psychology, an M.A. in the History of Psychology, an M.A. in General Academic Psychology and an M.F.A. in Writing (creative nonfiction). Over the past 17 years he has developed and taught numerous face-to-face classes (Introduction to Psychology, Research Methods, Statistics in Psychology, Social Psychology) as well as published academic research. Read More
  • John McClain photo

    John McClain

     John McClain is a lecturer in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. He has research interests in computational solid state physics and renewable and energy efficiency technologies. He is primarily responsible for teaching first- and second-year courses for students majoring in engineering and physical sciences. He believes that the greatest advances in mathematics and science education have taken place outside of the textbooks. He also likes to believe that students can learn from any 'good' text. Read More
  • Irene

    Irene McGarrity

      Irene McGarrity is an Assistant Professor in the Mason Library. She received her MA in English literature from SUNY New Paltz in 2006. She went on to study information science at UAlbany, and graduated with an MSIS in 2009. She began her tenure track position at Keene State in December 2013, and completed an MFA in creative writing through the New Hampshire Institute of Art in 2016.  Read More
  • Rod Obien photo
  • Peshkova photo

    Svetlana Peshkova

    Svetlana Peshkova is a socio-cultural anthropologist and a scholar of Islam. Her research interests include Gender and Islam; Feminisms in post-Socialist space; Decolonialism; Muslim women leaders; Islamic education; Transnational Islamic Movements; and Indigenous History of New Hampshire. Read More
  • Elizabeth Reed headshot

    Elizabeth Reed

    Twitter: beth12164
    Bio: An Early Childhood Instructor with Granite State since 2000, Beth has held positions in three Early Childhood Centers including cook, teacher, special education para- educator, interim director and director. Beth is currently the Lead Faculty for Early Childhood/Early Childhood Special Education for Granite State. In addition to her role at Granite State Beth works for the Center for School Success (CSS) as an Instructor and Senior Learning Specialist, where she writes and teaches workshops and courses for teachers. Read More
  • Kerri Reynolds

    Kerri Reynolds

     Kerri Reynolds has been practicing as a Registered Nurse for the past 24. She has worked in a variety of settings including primary care, pediatrics, urgent care, school nursing and home care. Actively engaged in community and professional groups, she is a passionate advocate for children. Her B.A. degree in languages from the University of New Hampshire ignited her passionate for learning in 1994. She continued this journey to obtain her ADN from New Hampshire Technical College in 1996. While working with patients as a nurse, she fell in love with teaching. Read More
  • Susan Sabella photo

    Susan Sabella

    Twitter: @open_ory
    At PSU, Susan coordinates and actively supports clinical experiences for Elementary Education teacher candidates. In addition to her work in the field, Susan also teaches Language Arts and Reading, Foundations of Teaching and Learning, and Elementary Education Teaching Seminar. Before joining the Elementary Education faculty at PSU, Susan also served as a full-time lecturer in the Graduate Reading Program at Towson University, a K-12 literacy coach, a digital literacy trainer, a reading specialist, and a classroom teacher. Read More
  • Dena Shields

    Twitter: dshieldsnh
    Bio: Dena gained 12 years of experience as a clinical practitioner with extensive experience providing medical nutrition therapy to patients in the hospital setting including LTC, pediatric early intervention, specializing in eating disorders, cardiac rehab, creation of diabetes support groups and research. Dena was the Director of Food and Nutrition Services for a Hospital District. She earned her degree in Zoology plus AND nutrition credentials from UMASS, Amherst. Read More
  • Eric Spieth Photo

    Eric Spieth

    Eric is Contract Faculty in Entrepreneurship at Plymouth State University, and creator of the Business Accelerator and Incubator serving the Students, Staff, Faculty and Administration of Plymouth State University and the greater New Hampshire community. Read More
  • Craig Sylvern photo

    Craig Sylvern

    Craig Sylvern is a professor of music at Keene State College.  Read More
  • Laura Tilghman Photo

    Laura Tilghman

    Laura Tilghman is a cultural anthropologist with interests in human migration, economic livelihoods, health, and food security. At Plymouth State University, she teaches general introductory courses to the field as well as upper-level courses that bring a cultural perspective to topics such as immigrants & refugees, wealth & poverty, illness & wellness, ecology & conservation, religion & ritual, and the African continent. She also coordinates the popular Global Health minor. Read More
  • Marco Vincenzi Photo

    Marco Vincenzi

    Marco Vincenzi is a lecturer in the department of Economics at the University of New Hampshire. His research interests include the Economics and Management of Innovation. His teaching interests include Innovation in the Global Economy, Industrial Economics and Business Innovation, and the Economics of Artificial Intelligence. Read More
  • Delene Case White

    Twitter: @DeleneWhite
    Delene Case White is a lecturer of German language, literature, and culture at Keene State College. She holds a Ph.D.  in German Studies from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Her research has focused East German films representing children in the Holocaust and memory work by Jewish survivors and political prisoners. She has taught courses at multiple universities,  not only in German language and culture, but also on English grammar, a writing course about international fairy tales and folklore, and film history. Read More
  • Katharine Winans Photo

    Katharine Winans

    I’m a Senior Lecturer in the Chemistry Department of the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences. I’ve been teaching here for a dozen years (since 2007-8). My focus is various flavors of introductory chemistry, though occasionally I’ve also taught organic chemistry.   Read More