Faculty Quotes 2011

What faculty said about the 2011 USNH Academic Technology Institute (ATI):

“ATI was a valuable experience because it allowed me the time to begin conversations surrounding rich media usage in the classroom.”

“The Institute was something that I really needed to jump start my interest and enhance my capabilities.”

“I appreciated the opportunity to connect with faculty across departments, colleges and campuses.”

“I appreciated the time to talk with colleagues about what they are doing.”

“I enjoyed it immensely; it exposed me to technologies I’ve long wanted to use.

“The institute helped me in supporting a change in perspective on how I teach.”

“It was a great opportunity to learn about specific technologies and work together in teams.”

“Even though I cannot say that I have mastered some of the technologies learned, at least I know that they exist and understand how I could use them in class.”

“It helped me to take my teaching to the next level.”

“I am looking forward to discovering more ways to introduce technology in my classroom.”