Granite State College Open Education

Granite State College (GSC) is not new to open education.  

Because the student population is mainly adults, and the instructional approach is guided by adult learning theory, "open pedagogy" practices have been a part of the instructional strategy for a long time.  And because the college has been offering online courses since 1999, many of the resources have always been open and freely available to students.   However, as the number and quality of open resources has increased and the possibilities for more open pedagogy have expanded especially with new and readily available web-based technologies,  there is an increasing need to build more awareness and capacity within the organization and among the faculty.   The following are activities currently happening at GSC in support of open education. 

Academic Technology Institute & Open Education Initiative

Each year ten GSC faculty participate in the USNH Academic Technology Institute in late May.  Starting in 2016, the ATI was integrated with the USNH Open Education (OE) Initiative and the participating faculty, OE Ambassadors, proposed and will implement an OE project in the following academic year.   These projects  include Open Educational Resources (OER), Open Pedagogy (OP) and/or Open Access Journals (OAJ).   See the GSC project pages in the menu for more information about the faculty projects.  These GSC projects along with those from KSC, PSU and UNH are evaluated each year for pedagogical impact and costs savings

Building Capacity and Long-term Sustainability at GSC

In conjunction with the USNH Open Education Initiative, Granite State College is commited to building internal capacity to support this initiative within the college. To this end we have identified four goals:

  1. Increase faculty involvement and training in Open Educational Resources (OER).
  2. Increase awareness of research, news, and activities around OER.
  3. Develop GSC policies and procedures related to the curation of OER.
  4. Explore and encourage the transition of GSC classes from using traditional textbooks to open textbooks.

School of Education

The Lead Faculty at the School of Education at Granite State College reviewed and revised the course resources to include a wider range of Open Education Resources and other freely available resources, in an effort to provide more current resources to students on a term to term basis as well as to offset the cost of textbooks associated with the teacher certification programs. The GSC Library has been instrumental in helping to identify these resources.

GSC Library

The GSC Library works with faculty to find and evaluate quality free resources that support their classes. These resources may be Open Educational Resources (OER) teaching modules, or more commonly, resources that may be developed into local teaching modules. All resources are gathered into research guides, either for specific courses, or more general discipline-specific guides.  See the Open Education section of the library for more information.