GSC OE Ambassador Projects 2016

The following GSC  Open Ed Ambassadors have designed either an OER or Open Pedagogy project to implement in the Fall 2016, Winter 2017 or Spring 2017 terms.

GSC ATI 2016 Ambassadors
(pictured left to right): Missy Muszynski, Caroline Osteen, Marybeth McNicholas, Sherry Dumais, Kathy DesRoches, Steve Covello, Robert McPherson, Pat Erwin and Linda Couture.

Linda Couture photo Linda Couture – Special Education (School of Education)

OER, Open Pedagogy

Project Description: Locate OER research that supports competencies in EDU741 and EDU742 and compile a collection of these resources. These resources will address current trends and educational strategies to support students with an educational disability. In addition, I will research the use of engagement activities that would help students connect with Research.

Melissa Muszynski photo Melissa Muszynski – English, Humanities (Undergraduate)

Open Pedagogy

Project Description:  I will create an activity in COMM540 where students will have the opportunity to create an OER  resource based on  project interests and passions.  Students will have the opportunity to choose a persuasive topic from one of two places:  NH Public Policy Studies  or choose from one of the United Nations 30 "Issues of priority" for global citizenship.

Sherry Dumais photo Sherry Dumais – Healthcare (Undergraduate)


Project Description: Use an open resource text in my course HLTC627 Finance and Reimbursement in Health Care and supplement with up to date articles, videos, etc. where needed. Redesign the course to better implement OER

Pat Erwin-Ploog photo Pat Erwin-Ploog

Library Science, Digital Media (Undergrad, School of Education, Graduate)

OER-Open Pedagogy

Project Description:

  1. Design an activity in LIS801/801A to be used in teaching students in the graduate School Librarian program. The activity will focus on how to integrate OERs into their Collection Development Policies that address - evaluating making available, and using OERs in support of their school curriculum.
  2. Redesign SOSC519 Living in a Digital Democracy to support the module on citizen journalists. This course has never used textbooks hence it demands a review each year to keep current and relevant. The OER created will focus on skills, ethical considerations, and look at how technology has changed the reporting of news.

Mary Beth McNicholas photo MaryBeth McNicholas – Project Management (Graduate)

Kathy DesRoches photo Kathy DesRoches – Leadership (Graduate)


Project Description: This project will identify best practices and pilot the creation a repository of Open Education Resources (OER), and other digital resources for the departments within the Office of Graduate Studies at Granite State College. The pilot will include the development of open and digitals resources for two courses in particular PM802 and PM804.

Robert McPherrson photo Robert McPherson – Management/Org. Behavior (Undergraduate)

OER-Open Pedagogy

Project Description: To explore, develop, and implement authentic learning , through a virtual collaboration teamwork project assignment that focuses on personal growth through interdependence, accountability, interaction, teamwork and leadership skills. The project will enhance the current content and process of the team project assignment while providing learners with an opportunity to contribute to an ongoing team and leadership course resource site (WIKI) for their current MGMT566 Organizational Behavior Class and future courses in Managment. This course will use an OER textbook. See Caroline Osteen’s project below.

Steve Covello photo Steve Covello – Communications (Undergraduate)


Project Description: Eliminate the textbook from my course, COMM601: Trends in Digital and Social Media, and replace it with a resource composed of curated open resources/articles. See:  Trends in Digital & Social Media. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution-Share License.

Caroline Osteen Caroline Osteen – Management/Organizational Behavior (UG)

OER, Open Pedagogy

Project Description: Explore better learning materials for accelerated courses. Work with MGMT566 faculty to agree on an e-book. Working with ID Team, redesign the course exploring simulations software and other activities that could promote group work while taking into consideration time constraints of shorter intensive courses.