KSC Open Education Spring Speaker Series

The Mason Library-Academic Technology and the KSC Academic Technology Steering Committee are proud to sponsor an exciting series of speakers in the celebration of the international Year of Open 2017.

As part of the Year of Open, we have invited faculty practitioners, students, and experts in the area of digital identity to talk about their experiences teaching and learning in a connected world.  This series will take place February 24  through April 6, 2017.    Topics & presenters include:

  • Trust, Power, and Agency: Student Perspectives on Open Pedagogy, 2/24/17
    Andrew Rikard (Davidson College) and Erika Bullock (Georgetown University)
  • Putting the Public Back in Public Education, 3/2/17
    Robin DeRosa (Plymouth State University)
  • Messy and Chaotic Learning, a Domain of One’s Own, 3/31/17
    Marth Burtis (University of Mary Washington)
  • Digital Identity and Learning in the Open, 4/6/17
    Dr. Bonnie Stewart (University of Prince Edward Island)

To learn more about these events, visit the KSC website.