KSC OpenEd Ambassadors 2019

Faculty ambassadors from Keene State College participated in the 9th annual Academic Technology Institute, titled Open Education: Building Connection, Collaboration, & Community on May 28-30, 2019 at Granite State College, Concord, NH. 

Pictured: Front Row, L-R: Fitni Destani, Irene McGarrity, Angela Barlow; Second Row, L-R: Denise Burchsted, Delene White; Patricia Acevado, Craig Sylvern; Third Row, L-R: Becky Dunn, Dena Shields, Jenny Darrow; Fourth Row, L-R: Chris Odato, Karen Cangialosi

ATI 2019 Ambassador Open Education Projects

Angela Barlow Associate Professor Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice/Social Sciences

OER and Open Pedagogy

Angela will develop a new Intro to Criminal Justice Studies course using an OER textbook and supplementary OER content with a heavy focus on the use of digital media in class and for assignments. In her CJS 471 Senior Capstone students will develop and present their work over the semester using blogs created in their own domains in KSCopen.

Becky Dunn Professor Public Health


For my Nutritional Biochemistry course (PH 415), I have decided to forgo a traditional textbook after many years of dissatisfaction with content and rising financial burden despite several attempts at different iterations. I am curating a collection of articles, videos, and images for students to access using OER Commons as the platform. For each section/topic, I plan to introduce with a brief summary that provides students with the context of our learning journey for the information. In addition, I would also like to have students contribute to available resources by posting their findings in either a shared Google document or using the discussion board in Canvas. For now the student contributions will be used in a “closed system”, but for other students to see, as I would like to review their findings before potentially placing them on the designated OER Commons site for the course.

Craig Sylvern Professor of Music

Open Pedagogy

Since most of my courses are vocational in nature, I would like to implement a mechanism, or mechanisms, that insure all the students in all my classes establish a connection to professionals outside of the Keene State campus. The development of a Personal Learning Community will be done using a combination of Twitter, Facebook Groups, and Wordpress.com sites. For the students in my music education courses it is vitally important that they make connections to educators that are implementing the skills we discuss in class. The students in my music technology courses would benefit tremendously from contact with professionals as a way to find out how the tools we learn about are being using in the field, as well as potentially establishing a connection with someone who could be their internship supervisor.

Delene White Contract Lecturer Modern Languages and Cultures

Open Pedagogy

Students will speak in German, reading from the scripts they write and in conversation with each other (Podcast technology may be used for this).

Students will practice listening comprehension and show their knowledge with video and audio recordings (may be posted on their websites) (German courses).

Honors course students will demonstrate their learning in blog posts (can include audio and video) and speak with members of the Keene community.

Dena Shields Assistant Clinical Professor Public Health

Open Pedagogy

Dena will use KSCopen as a portfolio platform for KSC’s College Wide Learning Outcome Commitment to Well-Being student assessment which will provide students a platform upload artifacts and reflections  for each dimension of Wellness.

Denise Burchsted Associate Professor Environmental Studies

Open Pedagogy

I propose to refine and clarify relevant materials (syllabus, canvas course page, canvas gradebook, and assignments) to reflect an open pedagogy approach that provides students with control over their learning of the required material. My work in this project will include: refinement of my communication with students regarding the grading system; development of open pedagogy assignments; and implementation of a more open pedagogy approach within the overall structure of the class, as reflected in the assignments and syllabus. One of the final products of this work will include content created by students—in this years’ class and previous sections, as posted on their individual blogs—that are curated by the students in this class onto a class website.

Fitni Destani Associate Professor Human Performance and Movement Sciences

Open Pedagogy

My open education project theme is 'connectedness' between students, faculty, and local teachers or professionals.  The main goal is to build an online resource center ‘hub’ website that establishes a virtual Monadnock Region Physical Education Professional Learning Community (PLC) that would embody Physical Education majors, faculty, alum, cooperating teachers, local in-service teachers, and physical activity specialist professionals.  My target participants for assessment during this first year ATI Project are 4th year PETC HPPE 376 Secondary Practicum majors invited to join the virtual PLC in fall 2019 and to then invite 3rd year majors to participate in HPPE 363 spring 2020 semester. 

Irene K. McGarrity Assistant Professor Information and Library Science & ITW Coordinator

OER and Open Pedagogy

I will develop a program to support ITW Faculty who are interested in using OER or open
pedagogical practices in their ITW courses. I will put out a call over the summer, and hold a
variety of informational and working meeting with interested faculty to help them implement using OER or open pedagogy in their courses.

Patricia Acevedo Lecturer Modern Languages and Cultures

Open Pedagogy and OER

Students will create a series of communicative activities and games in Spanish that provide other students with a step by step template on how to work on new ones that are meaningful to them and a curated collection of free and open online teaching and learning resources to replace the textbook that we currently use in class.

Rodney Obien Associate Professor/Head of Special Collections and Archives

Open Pedagogy and OER

INFO 490 Special Topics will focus on teaching students transcription, editing, and digitization of historical documents. This will assist to eliminate the need for a textbook by relying on open access or in-house digital or analog resources.