Academic Exchange Examples

Academic Exchange Examples

May 22, 2015

What is an Academic Exchange?

An academic exchange is an online forum for faculty and/or staff from a college or system of colleges which is used to share resources, show-case exemplary work and make connections with colleagues.

The bigger question is what could it be for faculty and staff at any of the four institutions in the University System of New Hampshire.

 During the ATI, we encourage you to imagine and discuss ways an academic exchange might benefit faculty and staff of the four institutions in the University System of New Hampshire.

There is a poster-board set up in the Holloway Commons lobby where you can share your thoughts, questions, or comments about this concept. At the end of ATI 2014, we will share ideas around next steps to continue to explore the academic exchange concept.

Here are some examples of academic exchanges created at other academic institutions to get you started thinking about this concept:

 Here are some examples of what other academic institutions have created:

  • City University of New York:  CUNY Academic Commons, a online academic social network for CUNY faculty, staff and graduate students designed to foster conversation, collaboration and connections among the 23 individual colleges that make up the university system.  Take the TOUR.
  • University of Wisconsin Green Bay:  Commons for Digital and Public Humanities
  • University of Alaska AnchorageAcademic Commons
  • Open SUNY Center for Online Teaching Excellence: while a bit more focused on online teaching, this is an interesting model of a system-wide resource with a “commitment to academic excellence through research-driven, community-supported practices of innovative teaching, learner-centered instruction, and pedagogy-focused approaches.“
  • English Companion: This Ning community is discipline-specific rather than institution-specific. Ning, is an online social platform where individuals can create a private community much like Facebook.
  • More to come…let us know if there are others that should be added to this list.

During the ATI, we encourage you to ponder this concept and discuss ways in which such a resource might benefit you.


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