Free Image Editing Tools

Free Image Editing Tools

May 28, 2015

Preparing images for Web display is one of the essential skills for developing online course content. Professional image editors and designers use Adobe Photoshop – which is a powerful tool but overkill for basic needs like preparing your images for your course.

Below are some alternative tools you can use that are free, Web-based (no downloading needed) and designed for people with basic to intermediate experience. Generally, the process involves upload a file from your desktop, editing it, and then saving it back to your desktop.

Click on the icons to check out each Web application.


PIXLR has three varieties of their service, but you may find the Express version does what you need it to do if your needs are limited.


PicMonkey has a few more editing options than the Express version of Pixlr. Beware, however, to ignore any ad banners with “Download” in it. You do not need to download anything to use this application.


Much the same as the above. There are mobile versions of this app too.

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