Furthering the Open Education Initiative in NH: ATI 2018

Furthering the Open Education Initiative in NH: ATI 2018

May 17, 2018

From Wednesday, May 30th through Thursday, May 31st, at the University of New Hampshire Durham, 45 Open Education Ambassadors will represent Granite State College, Keene State College, Plymouth State University, the University of New Hampshire, and Lakes Region Community College at the 8th Annual USNH Academic Technology Institute (ATI) (Meet the ambassadors).

Selected ambassadors will engage in workshops and keynotes infusing academic technology tools with Open Educational concepts (OER- Open Educational Resources, Open Pedagogy, and Open Access). Sessions will also focus on advocacy approaches to advance awareness and adoption of Open Education within USNH and beyond. A panel of USNH students will discuss their experience with Open Education in a Q&A style session. During ATI, ambassadors will refine Open Education projects to initiate within their classrooms in the next academic year. Their projects will help advance the UNSH goal of adapting higher education for the 21st century student, while lowering the cost of textbooks.

View the ATI 2018 Schedule here

Executive Director of SUNY OER Services, Alexis Clifton, will be the main keynote speaker for ATI. Clifton works with State of New York institutions to establish, support, and expand their OER programs. She helps to identify each institution’s goals for Open Education, as well as to foster collaboration between campuses to expand options for effective Open practices. Alexis will speak of the current state of Open, the faculty and student empowerment that comes from progressively opening the classroom, and what most Open-successful faculty have in common. She will also lead a “Backwards Design with Open Pedagogy” workshop in which ambassadors will identify one course objective from a course of their choosing, and apply backwards design principles to identify appropriate assessments, activities, and open resources for that objective.

Karen Cangialosi, Keene State College Open Education Faculty Fellow and Professor and Chair of Biology, will be Thursday’s keynote. Karen has incorporated methods of Open Pedagogy in the various Biology courses that she teaches, and spearheaded a movement to incorporate OER in the Biology B.S., B.A. and minor programs at Keene State College. This has led to zero textbook costs for students for most Biology courses. On Thursday, Karen will discuss her personal Open Education advocacy journey, including her experience as the Keene State Faculty Fellow and her recent, growing national advocacy efforts. She will also speak to the current state of Open Education advocacy across USNH, inspiring ambassadors to be advocates on their own campuses by using accessible methods to promote Open Education to colleagues, administration, and community.

Join the conversation on Twitter! #USNHshare will be used by staff, ambassadors, and other attendees to live tweet and capture the ATI experience. @USNHopened will be used for ATI details, photos, and live tweeting.

If you have any questions about ATI 2018, please contact USNH Open Education Administrative Assistant, Hannah Hounsell hannah.hounsell@granite.edu.

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