New Hampshire Open Education Public Consortium

New Hampshire Open Education Public Consortium

September 1, 2019

NH Open Education Public Consortium

The University System of New Hampshire and the Community College System of New Hampshire are proud to announce a Consortium effort to increase access and affordability around post-secondary education in our state. The public institutions of higher education (IHEs) in New Hampshire believe that public colleges and universities have an ethical duty to explore, develop, and evaluate learning and research models expressly designed to benefit the publics that they serve, and we believe open education is a powerful way that IHEs enact their public missions. “Open education” can be understood as a three-pronged approach to the creation and sharing of knowledge. It involves the use and development of free, openly-licensed educational materials in courses; the centering of pedagogy focused on learners as contributors to--not simply consumers of--knowledge; and the commitment to broad sharing of research through open access publishing. As a consortium we will explore avenues to collaborate in our shared commitment to open education.

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