Access, Agency, Community: What Faculty Have Learned

Access, Agency, Community: What Faculty Have Learned

June 3, 2020

The 10th annual USNH Academic Technology Institute (ATI) was held as a one-day virtual event on May 27, 2020. ATI brings together faculty from the four USNH institutions (GSC, KSC, PSU, UNH) and CCSNH to develop projects that advance the goals of the USNH Open Education Initiative. This year, 7 former ATI ambassadors were invited to present at the ATI 2020 on their Open Education projects as they relate to one of the ATI 2020 themes:

Access: Support students and facilitate greater access to learning in your course by replacing textbook(s) and/or other paid course materials to reduce or eliminate cost barriers

Agency: Support student agency by redesigning your course to increase student control over policies & practices, grading & assessment, and/or activities & assignments

Community: Support students joining a community of scholars and contributing to the knowledge commons by creating or contributing to open resources or sharing and discussing their work on the web

The former ambassadors began their presentations with a 5-minute “Lightning Talk” on one of the themes. Following the talks, participants were able to choose a breakout room to join to discuss the theme and project in more detail. These sessions allowed faculty to reflect and learn more about different technologies, strategies, and methods discussed in the lightning round presentations.

Drew Conroy, Professor and Program Coordinator in Applied Animal Science at the Thompson School of Applied Science at the University of New Hampshire presented on the “access” theme. His talk was titled “Writing a Dairy Cattle Judging and Evaluation text with original materials and sharing via OER Common.”
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Julie Robinson, Associate Professor of Biological Science at River Valley Community College discussed “access” in her talk “Promoting Equitable Access; OER in Science Courses (and more) at River Valley Community College.”
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OER Resources


Karen Cangialosi, Professor of Biology and Open Education Faculty Fellow at Keene State College, presented on “Student Agency.”

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USNH Ungrading Webinar


Stephen Pimpare, Lecturer in the Public Service & Nonprofit Leadership Program at the University of New Hampshire presented on “agency” with his talk on “Rethinking Assessment: Ungrading to Foster Student Agency & Engagement.”

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Jesse Stommel Ungrading


Phil Lonergan, Professor of Art and Director of the Sculpture Program at Plymouth State University spoke on “community” in "A Textbook = A Community; Foundations of 3D at PSU."
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Carolyn Cormier, Associate Dean, School of Education, Granite State College
Emily Gannon, Field Placement Faculty member, School of Education,  Granite State College
Carolyn and Emily tag-teamed to present on “community” in their talk, “Community Building in the Open. 

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Spark Takeaway Page




Read highlights from the breakout sessions at the ATI 2020 Recap webpage.



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