Open Education Initiative

In 2009, The University System of New Hampshire (USNH) created the Academic Technology Steering Committee as a sustainable support system that encourages and supports faculty in the creation and integration of rich media resources in their courses to enhance teaching and learning. In 2011, the USNH Academic Technology Steering Committee founded the annual Academic Technology Institute (ATI) as a way to bring faculty together to explore and find solutions to how to integrate technology and rich media into their courses to transform their pedagogy and course design.  Each of the 4 institutions (GSC, KSC, PSU, UNH) selects 10-15 faculty from diverse disciplines to participate in this multi-day event. 2015 marked the first ATI event to focus on Open Education and each ATI since has had an Open Education based theme.

Read more about the USNH Open Education Initiative here. 

Open Education Defined

“Open Education” as defined for this initiative, can be understood as a three-pronged approach to the creation and sharing of knowledge. It involves the use and development of free, openly-licensed educational materials in courses; the centering of pedagogy focused on learners as contributors to-- not consumers of-- knowledge; and the commitment to broad sharing of research through open access publishing. Read more.