Open Education Resources

 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Open Courseware  is a web-based publication of virtually all MIT course content. OCW is open and available to the world and is a permanent MIT activity. 


Creative Commons provides free, easy-to-use copyright licenses to make a simple and standardized way to give the public permission to share and use your creative work–on conditions of your choice. The MERLOT system provides access to curated online learning and support materials and content creation tools, led by an international community of educators, learners and researchers.


OER Commons a digital public library and collaboration platform that offers a comprehensive infrastructure for curriculum experts and instructors at all levels to identify high-quality OER and collaborate around their adaptation, evaluation, and use to address the needs of teachers and learners. 


Open Stax is a nonprofit based at Rice University whose mission is to give all students the tools they need to be successful in the classroom. 


TEDed is TED’s youth and education initiative. Its mission supports all learning - from producing a growing library of original animated videos, to providing an international platform for teachers to create their own interactive lessons, to helping curious students around the globe bring TED to their schools and gain presentation literacy skills, to celebrating innovative leadership within TED-Ed’s global network of over 250,000 teachers. 


SPARC (the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition) works to enable the open sharing of research outputs and educational materials in order to democratize access to knowledge, accelerate discovery, and increase the return on our investment in research and education.  Read more about OER Mythbusting.


 The Open Textbook Library provides a growing catalog of free, peer-reviewed, and openly-licensed textbooks.


Lumen Learning provides for-fee training, technical support, hosting and other services around OER and directs a portion of this revenue to the creation of new OER and the maintenance and improvement of existing OER.