Open Pedagogy

“Looking at open pedagogy as a general philosophy of [Open Education] in all elements of the pedagogical process, while messy, provides some interesting possibilities. Open is a purposeful path towards connection and community. Open pedagogy could be considered as a blend of strategies, technologies, and networked communities that make the process and products of education more transparent, understandable, and available to all the people involved.” (Tom Woodward or David Wiley) Examples: student blogs, student publishing, annotating the web, student-driven course content.   See more examples of OER Enabled Pedagogy from the Open Ed Group.

Four common principles for Open Pedagogy include:

  • Focuses on access, broadly conceived;
  • Emphasizes learner-driven curricula and educational structures;
  • Stresses community and collaboration over content;
  • Sees the university in the context of a wider public.

Some useful resources to get you started: