Ann Berry

Plymouth State University

Associate Professor of Special Education, Graduate Program Coordinator for Special Education programs.  Dr. Berry has a strong interest in effective instruction for students with high incidence disabilities. The courses she teaches in special education at Plymouth State University focus on evidence-based practices. Additionally, she is interested in furthering her work in special education teacher retention. Her research, initially supported by the National Center for Rural Education Support, has identified several components related to the satisfaction and commitment of special education teachers in rural areas.

Open Education Project Plan (with Pam Harland)

Fall 2017: In an effort to provide access to high quality free online resources to our students and be able to offer some alternatives to expensive textbooks, we are working on developing OERs for two of the Master’s Core courses: ED5060 Theories of Learning & Cognitive Development and ED5030 Research Design. We expect to attain some first-hand experience in utilizing the OERs and some tools we have been exposed to during ATI. This will also allow for student feedback and revision to course components in the Spring and subsequent year.

Spring 2018 and beyond: We also are interested in researching possibilities for course requirements that would allow students to collaboratively construct information and avenues for presenting information that are available to a wider educational community. For example, communally built resources or presentations that the entire class contributes to and uses and then is available to all. We would like to pilot these types of Open Access Tools or Open Assessments in the courses that we are teaching in the Spring. With some practice facilitating the use of these tools and by asking students for their feedback we will feel comfortable recommending them to other faculty in the program for use in their courses.

We plan to present these resources and tools to faculty in our department in the fall and spring. If instructors are open to further adoption, we can develop OERs and open resources for the remaining two Master Core courses ED5000 Social Behavior and IN5400 Innovation Imagination and Creativity.