Drew Conroy

University of New Hampshire
Professor of Thompson School of Applied Science

Professor Conroy has been teaching people how to handle and work with farm animals for 30 years at the college level. Broadly trained in agriculture, he teaches 7 different Animal Science courses at the University of New Hampshire, with CREAM being his most well-known course. See: https://colsa.unh.edu/tsas/cream A two-time Fulbright Scholar, his teaching and research has taken him to Namibia, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. At UNH his teaching focus is dairy cattle, but his work in Africa has led to his role in mentoring many UNH students studying in that region. Finally, he is one of the foremost authorities on draft oxen in the world having written books, book chapters, articles and consulted for the movie industry on the use and training of oxen. He would like to combine his skills, experiences and endless photos of cattle to put together OER resources for students and farmers all over the world to use in selecting and judging cattle.