Sue Cooke

University of New Hampshire
Lecturer of Biology

 I earned a B.S. in Marine & Freshwater Biology from UNH and an M.A. in Marine Ecology from the Boston University Marine Program. I then returned to UNH for my doctorate in Zoology. After teaching at many institutions in New England, I joined the faculty at UNH Manchester, first as an adjunct and now as a Lecturer. I have always tried to integrate current and freely accessible resources into my courses to keep the costs low for students. I have been able to accomplish this easily in my Discovery classes but it was more difficult to replace the traditional textbooks in foundational majors courses. Thanks to the increase in the availability of OER, we were able to switch to an open-access online text for our Principals of Biology course this year and it has worked out well! I’m excited to expand our use of OER into my other courses!