Tiffany Dube

Plymouth State University

I am a Teaching Lecturer in the Elementary Education Department at PSU.  I received my BS degree in Elementary Education and my M.Ed. in Integrated Arts both from PSU.  For thirteen years, I was an elementary classroom teacher in the public schools.  I then came to PSU as a Program Assistant and worked with pre-service educators to assist them in developing lesson plans that integrated technology.  I have a passion for assisting others to find the value of integrating technology and the arts into the curriculum.  I've presented at the  Educational Theatre Collaborative's Integrated Arts Conference for educators and have coached colleagues in my department on how to effectively use technology tools.  I currently teach two courses at PSU, Transformation Through the Arts and Children and Families in Society.  I enjoy helping others and volunteer at the Belknap County Nursing Home. I've also participated in the amazing veteran's program Honor Flight New England. I'm excited to learn more about Open Educational Resources so that I can begin to integrate them into my courses and share my new found knowledge with my colleagues.