Becky Dunn

Keene State College
Professor & Chair, Public Health

Becky Dunn is a professor in Public Health at Keene State College. 

“I love the collaboration that happens in the Public Health department,” says Becky Dunn. I am lucky to work with such talented and dedicated individuals who have a commitment to teaching. I like getting to know our students as the smaller class sizes enable relationships to be formed.” She appreciates the other kinds of connections that happen at Keene State as well. “Each semester,” she says, “I have affirming moments when I see students making connections between nutrition and science. Those ‘light bulb moments’ for the students are the most exciting as I see them making connections, integrating knowledge and really ‘getting it.’” 

Dr. Dunn hopes that her that students become comfortable with complex nutrition science concepts and leave Keene State with the knowledge and skills needed to become effective professionals. 

Professional Interests: 
My scholarly interests are in the area of maternal and child health, particularly lactation-based research and early infant feeding practices as well as in the scholarship of teaching and learning.