Rebecca Grant

Plymouth State University

Rebecca Grant has taught for ten years as a Teaching Lecturer for the English Department at Plymouth State University. Her teaching includes both online and face-to-face courses, and her specialization is in first-year writing. She has served as editor for the PSU publication, Comp Journal, since 2012. 

Open Education Project Proposal:
I would like to work with students to create their own Domain of One’s Own. This will include work from our course and portfolio work, but will allow them to add additional work to create a personalized web page that they can continue to adapt during their time at PSU.  This project will address the need for students to expand their understanding of audience and will enable them to see their own work as something that is more meaningful for them to create, adapt, and change. This project will allow students to carry on with this work as a reflection of their courses and learning at PSU. It allows for there to be more continuity and an integrated approach to their learning. The work that they complete in Composition will not have to end at the completion of the term, but can be something that they continue to build and reflect on.