Katharine Harrington

Plymouth State University
Associate Professor of French

Katharine Harrington is Associate Professor of French at Plymouth State University where she has taught since 2010. As the sole full-time French faculty member at PSU, she is responsible for teaching French courses at all levels in language, literature, film, and culture. Her research interests include contemporary French and Québécois literature and film and Franco-American communities in New England. She is especially interested in promoting French in New Hampshire where it has both a rich cultural heritage as well as an integral role today in a border state whose economy relies heavily on trade and tourism from Canada. For the past six years, Dr. Harrington has integrated community projects into the majority of her courses. Her students have translated menus, created brochures, and interviewed French-Canadian hikers about their visitor experience in Franconia Notch State Park. She is the co-founder of Bienvenue New Hampshire, a group that works to improve the tourism economy in New Hampshire by providing French language materials and linguistic and cultural training to businesses and tourism providers. She would like to make New Hampshire’s French language and heritage more visible in an online format that could be built upon year after year through student contributions.