Elizabeth Hebbard

University of New Hampshire
Lecturer, College Liberal Arts, Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Liz Hebbard is a Lecturer in French at the University of New Hampshire, Durham, while finishing her PhD at Yale University in medieval French and Occitan literature. Liz teaches intermediate French and upper division literature courses at UNH. Liz is also a participant in the UNH Language Resource Center's workshop series on using the iPad as a teaching resource. In all of her classes, Liz enjoys using digital tools and OER materials to bring the study of French out of the textbook and into the familiar world of apps and devices that students use on a daily basis, as well as to bring the Francophone world, its native speakers, and their culture into the classroom. With the help of this grant, Liz and her colleague Emilie Talpin will be developing a year-long OER intermediate French sequence.