Tom Higginbotham

University of New Hampshire
Postdoctoral Research and Teaching Associate

 Tom Higginbotham is the Director of Science Education for the Teacher Residency for Rural Education (TRRE), and teaches Science Methods and Educational Technology classes in the UNH Education Department. His work includes demystifying STEM fields for teachers, and making “school science and engineering” more like the real thing by having students answer questions and solve problems of genuine interest to them. 

He has taught outdoor education, secondary science and math, and served as a school administrator in both primary and secondary schools. He earned his PhD from Boston College in Curriculum & Instruction, studying sex & gender issues in science classrooms. He has also worked as a Common Core Standards consultant to school leaders. 
The belief that knowledge empowers undergirds all of his work, and he looks forward to when conversations are more regularly an authentic exchange of ideas. He is excited to leverage and champion OER to support these foundational beliefs.