Cathie LeBlanc

Plymouth State University

Cathie is a professor of digital media in the Communication and Media Studies Department at PSU. Her area of primary focus for teaching and scholarship is game studies. She is particularly interested in issues concerning the impact of technology on various aspects of our society.

Open Education Project Proposal:

Teach First Year Seminar using open pedagogy in which the students design most aspects of the course.  Students in the FYS are supposed to be developing a sense of agency in their own educational process. The FYS Fellows are already developing an OER for the course. I think the best way to get students engaged in their educational story is to give them agency in how they want to address the learning outcomes of their FYS, using the wicked problem of “fake news” as their starting point. If we want students to be active participants in their educational path, let’s give them true agency in at least one of their courses. 

  • A syllabus will have been developed by the students.
  • Students will have designed assessments that allow them to demonstrate that they have met the learning outcomes of the course.
  • Students will have passed the course (which demonstrates that they have actually met the learning outcomes of the course).
  • Students will be able to articulate the value of the course in helping them to determine their educational goals (and will have designed an assessment to allow them to demonstrate that they are able to do this).
  • Students will be able to articulate their educational goals or at least be able to articulate a plan for how they will continue to develop those goals.