Alyssa Marinaccio

Keene State College
Adjunct Instructor in the Computer Science Department

Bio: I am an Adjunct Instructor in the Computer Science Department at Keene State College, where I teach Java Programming, Web Design and Quantitative Literacy. I’m also the Assistive Technology Coordinator in the Office of Disability Services. In this role I expose and train students with disabilities on how to use assistive technology that can help them to succeed in their college course and become more independent. I also work with these students (and their faculty) to ensure that the needed instructional materials are accessible (i.e. captioned videos, accessible documents and forms, etc.). I think this allows me to bring a unique perspective to the ATI!

My Instructional Challenge: My instructional challenge is to utilize and create OER's for my Java Programming course. I no longer want to use the book I've been using and am looking for ideas on where and how to start with OER's. I'd also like to look into moving some of the content for this course online and implement more of a flipped classroom model.