George Matthews

Plymouth State University

George Matthews is originally from New York City, but lived most of his adult life in rural Pennsylvania and now is a resident of New Hampshire. He studied sculpture at Pratt Institute as an undergraduate and then philosophy at the Loyola University of Chicago, where he earned his Masters degree in 1990 and at the Pennsylvania State University, where he completed his PhD in 1996 with a dissertation on nineteenth century German philosophy. While he was a graduate student at Penn State he spent three semesters abroad as a Fulbright scholar in the newly independent Republic of Slovenia. He has traveled widely to mountainous regions of North and South America and Europe and is an avid hiker and climber. He has been teaching philosophy for the last twenty years, first at the Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport, Pennsylvania and, since 2012, at Plymouth State University. He has taught a wide variety of courses in ethics, applied ethics, logic, social and political philosophy, philosophy of mind and philosophy of science, as well as courses in the history of philosophy and world religions. This reflects his broad interests in the field of philosophy and its intersections with other aspects of culture and history. He has been experimenting with technology in education for many years both in online courses, which he has been regularly offering through Penn College since the year 2001, and in face to face courses as well. Some highlights of this experimentation have been the use of Wordpress blogs as the basis for online courses and as supplements to classroom work in other courses; the development of a series of laboratory activities for a course in philosophy of mind; and the teaching of symbolic logic in a computer lab using Barwise and Etchmendy's "Language, Proof and Logic" software. He is currently working on a revised version of an open access textbook in ethics that he has used in distance learning courses and he shares many of his pdf presentations, written with the open-source LaTeX document production system program, at slideshare.