Ann McClellan

Plymouth State University

Ann McClellan is professor and chair of English at Plymouth State University in Plymouth, New Hampshire, USA where she teaches 19th and 20th century British literature, digital literature, and participatory culture. She is the author of How British Women Writers Transformed the Campus Novel (2012) and has published on a variety of cultural topics, ranging from servants on screen to social media, fan fiction, and Sherlock Holmes. She is currently completing a monograph on Sherlock, world building, and fan fiction.

Open Education Project Plan:
My plan is to use OER for my EN4155 Digitalit class this fall and to incorporate open pedagogy practices that encourage students to (1) understand and design their own learning goals for the course, (2) design assessments that address the specific content and skill areas of the course, (3) design rubrics to assess their own and their peers’ work, and (4) to openly publish all of their work on the web.