Ivaylo (Ivo) Nedyalkov

University of New Hampshire
Teaching Lecturer in the Mechanical Engineering Department

Ivaylo Nedyalkov (Ivo) received his BS in Industrial Engineering from the Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria, his MS in Applied Mechanics from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, and his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from UNH. Since his graduation in 2015 he has been a lecturer in the Mechanical Engineering Department. Ivo's teaching and research interests are in the field of thermo-fluid sciences, including computational fluid dynamics (CFD). He has experience in using an open source software for CFD (OpenFOAM) and has been developing educational materials for the software. He plans on using OER for the mathematical, physical, and computational aspects of the CFD class he teaches. He will also be steering the class projects towards developing new open source features and/or writing OpenFOAM tutorials, which are heavily relied on in the open-source CFD community.