Karen Niland

University of New Hampshire
Nursing Department lecturer

Bio: I have been a lecturer in the Nursing Department at UNH for 10 years. NURS450-MAKING BABIES: Technology, Nature and Social Context, is my primary course and enrolls 400-500 students each semester. I am passionate about this topic and eager to apply best teaching practices for students to engage, learn and share their knowledge. I am also willing to try new technologies to enhance the learniing experience in a large lecture format.

My Instructional Challenge: This is a work in progress: maximize engagement and learning in a large lecture course. find efficient methods for sharing new information, research and hot topics with students. create interesting, EFFICIENT and PURPOSEFUL activities, assignments etc that provide an appropriate cost/benefit balance (is the work students do worth the knowledge gained? is the time I spend quantifying their efforts worth the benefit for the student?)