Elizabeth Reed

Granite State College
Early Childhood Instructor

Bio: An Early Childhood Instructor with Granite State since 2000, Beth has held positions in three Early Childhood Centers including cook, teacher, special education para- educator, interim director and director. Beth is currently the Lead Faculty for Early Childhood/Early Childhood Special Education for Granite State. In addition to her role at Granite State Beth works for the Center for School Success (CSS) as an Instructor and Senior Learning Specialist, where she writes and teaches workshops and courses for teachers. Her responsibilities at CSS include creation and instruction of seven (online and hybrid) graduate courses offered through both Plymouth State University and Southern New Hampshire University.

My Instructional Challenge: My students (teacher candidates) need to be prepared to enter the Early Childhood Classroom armed with the most current state requirements and the most recent information on brain development and best teaching practices. By the time they are printed, the textbooks for our field can be out of date, lacking both recent neuroscience and how to use the most current technology to support student learning. I need to find credible, current resources to replace textbooks, and sources for information on the latest technology advances, to prepare the students in the Early Childhood Teacher Education Programs.

Elizabeth Reed headshot