Kerri Reynolds

Plymouth State University
Professor of Nursing

 Kerri Reynolds has been practicing as a Registered Nurse for the past 24. She has worked in a variety of settings including primary care, pediatrics, urgent care, school nursing and home care. Actively engaged in community and professional groups, she is a passionate advocate for children. Her B.A. degree in languages from the University of New Hampshire ignited her passionate for learning in 1994. She continued this journey to obtain her ADN from New Hampshire Technical College in 1996. While working with patients as a nurse, she fell in love with teaching. For many years, Kerri taught LNA, MNA, LPN and health/safety courses. 
Through her experiences in school nursing, she recognized the need to continue her formal higher education in order to address the complex needs of patients and their families. Obtaining her BSN and MSN degrees from Southern New Hampshire University permitted Kerri to teach as an adjunct instructor at Plymouth State University. She enjoys learning, teaching and growing with the Plymouth State University community as a certified nurse educator in the pre-licensure BSN program. Participating in grassroots organizations, Kerri continues to positively impact the wellness of our state’s population. Her professional membership includes nursing, health and educational organizations. A nature lover, Kerri lives in between the mountains and lakes of central New Hampshire taking advantage of all the outdoor activities that the area offers. A student of multiple foreign languages, she loves to travel and explore new cultures with her family.