Anna Sandstrom

University of New Hampshire
Principal Lecturer, College Liberal Arts, Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

As a professional educator for 25 years, I have taught all levels of language acquisition courses at a number of institutions. When I arrived at UNH in 1998 one of the first courses I taught was Elementary French. At that point in time, my use of realia in the classroom consisted of actual physical objects I’d brought back from France, such as magazines, coins, and subway tickets. I worked as coordinator of this year-long Elementary course for 15 years, while serving as mentor and coordinator of our native-speaker teaching assistants. I am currently a Principal Lecturer of French in LLC, and teach 400- through 600-level courses in language, culture, conversation, and writing. While I still pass around the occasional euro coin in class, I’m eager to work toward 21st-century virtual language immersion using the wealth of OER materials we now have at our fingertips.