Dena Shields

Keene State College
Food Service Management professor

Bio: Dena gained 12 years of experience as a clinical practitioner with extensive experience providing medical nutrition therapy to patients in the hospital setting including LTC, pediatric early intervention, specializing in eating disorders, cardiac rehab, creation of diabetes support groups and research. Dena was the Director of Food and Nutrition Services for a Hospital District. She earned her degree in Zoology plus AND nutrition credentials from UMASS, Amherst. Dena completed her dietetic internship at Massachusetts General Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professionals, Boston. She received her MS in Mgmnt, Health Admin from NEC. Dena teaches Food Svc Mngmt, Food Science, Nutrition Profession, Essentials of Nutrition.

My Instructional Challenge: In Food Service Management, we have a semester long, in depth, hands on project that requires the students the work in teams to plan, prepare, and evaluate a meal for 500 in the dining commons. It is a large project that can seem overwhelming to the teams as they learn the concepts and then try to use these practically - they apply them almost immediately. I would like a way to keep the course open, and use course mentors (prior students) from earlier classes to allow for exchange of ideas, questions, etc. I have considered blogs, but would like it to be more direct: questions, answer, etc., ideas, challenge discussions. I need a way to alert the mentor that questions are have come up...need a forum / platform. Need to bounce this one around.....