Eric Spieth

Plymouth State University
Contract Faculty, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Eric is Contract Faculty in Entrepreneurship at Plymouth State University, and creator of the Business Accelerator and Incubator serving the Students, Staff, Faculty and Administration of Plymouth State University and the greater New Hampshire community.

He also serves the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cluster and Integrated Cluster Projects at PSU as a Faculty member, specializing in Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Strategy and Management; he is a Marketing Analyst and Strategic Consultant, advising and coaching students, founders, owners, management and executives in companies ranging from Startups to Multi-Nationals.

Eric is the creator of a “Masterclass in Entrepreneurial Leadership,” an APEX Accelerator program and pioneered the Apex Diamond Method for Community and Economic Development, delivering leadership, guidance, advising, coaching and mentoring in Business Model Development, Innovation and Design Thinking, Change Management, Marketing, Strategic Development and Tactical Execution in an applied, action-oriented, experiential format.

Eric is an expert in Rapid Business Optimization and New Venture Creation, providing actionable insights and accelerated growth strategies.