Kelly Swindlehurst

Plymouth State University

Bio: Kelly Swindlehurst is an Assistant Professor of Special Education at Plymouth State University. Prior to that she served as adjunct faculty at Johnson State College, teaching courses in inclusion and human development. She earned her doctorate in Education Leadership and Policy with a focus in special education from the University of Vermont in 2014. Her research focuses on teacher preparation for inclusive school settings, specifically methods and skills necessary to prepare classroom teachers to work with students with disabilities and other types of difference. She has also conducted research on the Response to Instruction as a way to support struggling learners and improve school culture. At Plymouth State her courses focus on the preparation of teachers to meet the needs of stude

My Instructional Challenge: The cost of books in special education courses has become outrageous. In each of my three special education courses, students spend around $150-$200 to purchase a full set of books. I believe I could achieve the same learning outcomes with Open Educational Resources, but I am unsure of how to proceed with that in an effective way. I would like to be able to eliminate (or mostly eliminate) costly textbooks, while still giving my students access to high-quality, research-based, effective resources. Further, so much of student success in special education courses comes from having time to practice the skills and strategies that they are learning about. If I was able to better harness the power of technology through the use of not only OER, but also narrated PowerPoints, Kaltura and onl