Katharine Winans

University of New Hampshire
Senior Lecturer in Chemistry

I’m a Senior Lecturer in the Chemistry Department of the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences. I’ve been teaching here for a dozen years (since 2007-8). My focus is various flavors of introductory chemistry, though occasionally I’ve also taught organic chemistry.  

For most of my students, chemistry is both a required part of their major, and a substantial challenge. Many are freshman making the transition to college life, with all its accompanying excitement and stress. I enjoy working with students as they navigate this demanding terrain. I have training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, and have experimented with incorporating reflective exercises into my classes to help students address exam stress. The internet contains an embarrassment of General Chemistry riches, and year by year I have worked to make judicious use of this bounty. I look forward to a more concentrated focus on this project as I participate in the OER program.