Emma Wright

Plymouth State University

Emma Norbrothen Wright is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Plymouth State University.  She studied math and physics at Gettysburg College, studied abroad at Lancaster University in England, and went on to earn her Master's and Ph.D. from North Carolina State University.  In 2013, Emma joined PSU and became a Project NExT fellow within the Mathematical Association of America.  Currently, Emma employs active learning pedagogy and growth-mindset assessment.  She has adapted, written, and included student work in an OER book on Elementary Abstract Algebra.  One of Emma's goals is to become a cost-free professor.

Open Education Project Proposal:

Finish writing, editing, and polishing Elementary Abstract Algebra.  Include student work.  Require students to contribute examples, non-examples, homework hints, homework solutions, video explanations, or video introductions.  Require students to edit and review each other’s work before final submission.  Students consume content.  If they produce content, it’s often disposable.  Recently, I’ve begun exploring how I can get students to explore beyond the prescribed content.  In a sense, this will be a challenge because it will push students out of their comfort zone.  That said, in MA4140, I will have very mature and curious students that trust me as an instructor.  (All the more reason to OER in upper level classes!)

Additionally, because I have written the text, I feel I cannot lecture – it would be redundant.  Thus, I will flip my classroom, and to ensure students are reading before class, I will probably administer Moodle quizzes.