Plymouth State University Open Education Project

Academic Technology Institute & Open Education Initiative

Plymouth State University is supporting Open Education through participation in the USNH Academic Technology Open Education Project. Read more about the PSU Open Education initiative here.

Nine PSU faculty members served as Open Education Ambassadors in May 2018 and are overseeing projects related to open education. These projects include working with Open Educational Resources (OER), and Open Pedagogy (OP). Our Open Ed Ambassadors are committed to finding cost saving adaptable educational content that can help drive student success. You can read about past PSU Open Ed Ambassadors and their projects here.

Digital Commons

Digital Commons @ Plymouth State is a repository and digital service for gathering, indexing, storing, and making available a treasury of information generated by Plymouth State University faculty, students and staff. Click here for a list of Open Education Resources at PSU.

Presenting and Advocating for Open Education - Robin DeRosa

Robin DeRosa is the Director of the Open Learning & Teaching Collaborative and a Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at PSU. In addition to serving as an Open Education Ambassador for the AT Open Education Initiative, Robin regularly visits other colleges and universities to work with faculty on Connected Learning and Open Pedagogy, and advocate nationally for using Open Ed to develop a vision for public higher education in the U.S.  Her advocacy for Open Education and Connected Learning are a driving force at PSU and the academic community at large.


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