PSU OE Ambassador Projects 2016

Robin DeRosa  – Interdisciplinary Studies

I will be creating an open textbook that will serve introductory and research methods courses in Interdisciplinary Studies. There are currently no open textbooks in Interdisciplinary Studies.  In addition, this textbook will link the foundational methods and values of Interdisciplinary Studies with the foundational methods and values of open pedagogy and connected learning.

Dr. Elliott Gruner Exploration and Discovery
Kristin Stelmok – English, Women’s Studies

We plan to research the possible use of OER and Open Pedagogy for EN 1200 Composition at PSU. Composition is a General Education course offered to approximately 1200 students each year by as many as 30 different faculty. Any offering of OER or OP resources for this course would necessarily need to embrace the (1) diverse needs of students taking Composition and (2) the diverse teaching practices of faculty. We anticipate beginning work by gathering resources through the Institute and designing a research plan that would determine what both students and faculty need. Then we'd hope to conduct that research, develop appropriate OER and OP resources, pilot the resource offerings through selected sections of the course, and, finally, if successful to this step, offer OER and OP course-wide.  

Barbara McCahan – Health Education and Promotion

This proposal is three part plan for curriculum development with the overarching goal of increasing the engaged learning of students in the Health Education and Promotion courses.   The first component is to have student authors from a Fall 2015 course entitled Promoting Health Across the Lifespan(PHAL) to place a Creative Commons License on their final course project (a skills-based health education lesson plan).  The second component is to have students in the Fall 2016 PHAL course to access these openly licensed documents and conduct a criterion-based evaluation (strengths, weaknesses, needed improvements) followed by revision of these lesson plans and CC licenses on the revised versions.   Finally, students will produce a lesson plan of their own which they will also license.  

Kimberly Ritchie – Studio Art

Implement OER course appropriate art content and theory into the newly developed Art Foundations 2D course.  As the course coordinator for the 2D class I plan to share the information and collected course readings with TL’s who teach this course.   Lastly, I plan to generate an Art OER informational document where interested Art Faculty have easy access to sites with art material. 

Elisabeth Johnston – Early Childhood Studies/Early Childhood Mathematics
Meagan Shedd – Early Childhood Studies/Early Childhood Literacy

We plan to create a repository/home page for multiple courses to “house” core readings identified by instructors as essential, but also allow for students to add to page (considering Wikipages or Pressbooks but need to be sure any core readings can be posted without violating copyright issues). We want to be sure that students can post (add/edit) to the pages and retain access to the repository after graduation to use the site as a continued resource We also plan to create webpage/blog to replace existing textbooks and replace with blog with original content and link to webpages for new/updated content. Replace existing assignment to support understanding of content and reflect in an authentic way about learning and how to support literacy learning in courses.

George Matthews –  Philosophy

I will be using B2Evolution multi-blogging software for delivery of course material and as a venue for student work in two different courses. The student work portion of this project will consist of student contributions to a course blog and commentary on each other’s work. Students will participate in defining course expectations and grading standards, evaluating each other’s work and assessing this project. Delivery of course material -- readings, lecture notes, slideshows, and supplemental media will be by means of separate but connected blogs formatted as online books.

Hilary Swank Elementary Education & Childhood Studies: Child Development
Joseph Rino – Elementary Education & Childhood Studies Department: Mathematics Education

We would like to create OER for a course dealing with the historical and philosophical views of children in society. With the support of the ATI, our goal will be to replace our current textbooks with OER. We will 1. gather course material that already resides in the public domain, 2. develop or adapt modules that will support our students’ ability to make sense of relevant course material and apply their knowledge to their field of study, giving us a resource that will not go out of print or vary with later editions beyond our intended use, 3. develop a method of distribution that not only allows flexible access to materials, but encourages students to revise and remix the content, and 4. engage with the broader community so that our OER could be open courseware, available for other institutions to use and adapt.