PSU OE Ambassadors 2019

Faculty ambassadors from Plymouth State University participated in the 9th annual Academic Technology Institute, titled Open Education: Building Connection, Collaboration, & Community on May 28-30, 2019
at Granite State College, Concord, NH. Their Open Education projects are described below.

Pictured: Front Row, L-R: Jess Chretien, Robin DeRosa, Christin Wixson, Katharine Harrington, Phil Lonergan; Second Row: Hyun Joong Kim, Kristen Stelmok, Julie Bernier, Kerri Reynolds; Third Row: Alice Pearman, JoAnn Guilmet, Lisa Doner; Fourth Row: Eric Spieth, Hannah Davidson, Whitney Howarth, Lisa Tilghman, Susan Sabella, Erika Rydberg

Ambassador Projects:

Julie Bernier, Professor of Athletic Training and Chair of Health and Human Performance, will create an open textbook for her Kinesiology course, use a new H5P application to develop interactive learning modules for her “Lower Extremity Injury Assessment” course, and start to build open resources for her “Orthopedic Medical Device” course, for which there currently are no textbooks. 

Lisa Doner, Assistant Professor of Environmental Science and Policy, will connect faculty and students to professionals in their discipline to identify common skill gaps that are barriers to hiring via her emerging “Pathways to Professionalism” project. Through a series of workshops, demonstration field trips, and job-focused skill-building modules, this project aims to grow student confidence in their disciplinary abilities, establish fact-based expectations for early career jobs, and develop hiring pathways for students in non-medical STEM majors. 

Kate Harrington, Professor of French, will work with students in her “Diversity of Francophone Communities in the U.S.” course to create a website that highlights the French presence in New Hampshire. Students will research sites of French cultural heritage throughout NH and conduct oral interviews of francophones living in the state to feature on the site. Kate also plans to incorporate practices of open pedagogy to some extent in all of her fall courses! 

Hyun Joong Kim, Assistant Professor of Geography, plans to develop a tutorial workbook for students in the “Introduction to Geographic Information Systems” (GIS) course that is a required course of the GIS Certificate Program. With students’ input, he plans to incorporate local or regional geographic data into the workbook and make more interactive course modules. 

Phil Lonergan, Professor of Sculpture, is creating a free, openly-licensed resource for the foundations 3D courses. The OER will be co-created with his students this year, and will include technical instructions, video demos, art history and theory, student reflections, and a sample assignment gallery. 

Kerriann Reynolds, Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing, will be creating an OER for the “Biochemistry for Nurses” course, which will save PSU Nursing students more than $15,000/year in textbook costs.

 Susan Sabella, Clinical Assistant Professor of Elementary Education, will be developing open educational resources for her “Language Arts and Reading” course, to support teacher candidates and beginning teachers as they plan and facilitate learning experiences with elementary students in the area of disciplinary literacy.  Because visuals support a Universal Design for Learning, she will be using a digital infographic tool to create these OERs for our Elementary Education teacher candidates.

 Eric Spieth, Faculty Member in Business and Internship Coordinator, will be creating an OER of materials to accompany a new Open Lab course sequence he is creating focused on professional development and internships for students.

 Laura Tilghman, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, will work with students in “Anthropology of Migration” to create a website about immigration and refugee issues in New Hampshire, using PlymouthCreate, which allows students and faculty to easily create and publish content to the web. This site will serve as a public resource, and provide students with opportunities to learn about writing for the public and basic web design principles.

Whitney Howarth, Associate Professor of History, will use open pedagogy and digital tools like StoryMaps and Hypothesis to co-create OER with her students, sharing their insight about the roots of current global conflict using blogs and online domains.