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Open Education: OER, Pedagogy, Access

What is Open Education? Watch the  video, A Quick Intro To Open Ed with Robin DeRosa (4:10 mins): The 2016 Academic Technology Institute, in conjunction with the new USNH-funded Open Education Initiative, will focus broadly on Open Education which can be broken into 3 categories: Open Educational Resources (OER) OER are instructional resources created and Read More

What is an Unconference?

An unconference is a participant-driven conference in which the participants themselves propose session topics and lead the discussions. This is the antithesis to a traditional conference in which the sessions are pre-determined prior to the event and the more formal presentations are prepared ahead of time. The main rules of an unconference are Read More

Academic Exchange Examples

An academic exchange is an online forum for faculty and/or staff from a college or system of colleges which is used to share resources, show-case exemplary work and make connections with colleagues. Here are some examples.

Twitter 101

Twitter is a Web communication channel which allows for real time streaming of 140 character “tweets” – a good way to make comments on presentations in realtime, and to post questions and resource links for other participants to consider. Read More

Open Educational Resources

What are open educational resources? There has been a lot of discussion and presentations around open educational resources.  Rather than trying to come up with our own definition, this is what the William and Flora Hewett Foundation says: Open Educational Resources (OER) are high-quality, openly licensed, online educational materials that offer an extraordinary opportunity for Read More

Free Image Editing Tools

Preparing images for Web display is one of the essential skills for developing online course content. Here are some alternative tools you can use that are free, Web-based (no downloading needed) and designed for people with basic to intermediate experience. Read More